Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vulgate Verses: Group 2

Today's podcast is the audio for one of the groups of verses in Vulgate Verses: 4000 Verses from the Bible for Teachers and Students of Latin (available from You can find out more about these verses - including verse citations and commentary - at the Vulgate Verses website.
12. Populus meus es.
13. Benedictus Deus excelsus.
14. Sanctus sanctus sanctus Dominus Deus.
15. Unus est magister vester.
16. Non est Iudaeus neque Graecus.
17. Non est servus neque liber.
18. Dominus Deus noster Deus unus est.
19. Populus tuus populus meus, et Deus tuus Deus meus.
20. Tuum, Domine, regnum.
21. Iustus es, Domine.
22. Usquequo, Domine?

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