Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fabula: De Milvo Aegroto

Today's podcast is the audio for one of the fables in Barlow's Aesop: De Milvo Aegroto, the story of the kite on his deathbed (or deathnest, I guess you could say). You can find out more about this fable - including grammar commentary and English translation - at the Aesopus.Ning.com website.
Aegrotus lecto decumbebat Milvus,
iam ferme moriens.
Matrem orat
precatum ire deos,
multa promittens,
si redire ad salutem liceret.
Mater autem respondebat
nil opis sperandum a diis,
quorum sacra et aras
rapinis toties violasset.
Here is the illustration of the fable by Francis Barlow:

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